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[GIG] Vocoustics: Heather Greene + Kathryn Sawers + The Boy Lacks Patience @ The Tunnels 2

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"English has a nice word for this kind of music: Lush! Folk, jazz, singer-songwriter and country meet each other in this striking Americana variant that will reach out to you..." (Hanx, Amsterdam)




"Heather's compositions envelop you without your realizing ... they take you off guard and stay there." (Rolling Stone, France)

"A warm and gracious charm, it is time to pay attention to this talent." (La Jalouse, France)

"With an intimate voice and lush atmospherics, Heather Greene may very will be the antidote to an agitated world." (La Humanite, France)

"Courage is needed for such an album, but even more so, talent, self-confidence, and heart..." (Music Outlook, Germany)

Heather's slow and steady rise amongst the ranks of New York musicians is now gathering momentum. With a bittersweet collection of original material that slowly envelopes the listener into her slo-mo world of layered soundscapes, she has charmed enough of her hometown over the past two years to sell out high-profile clubs in New York City such as Joe's Pub, Tonic, Southpaw and the Living Room.

Her tunes slowly slip into your consciousness, WNYC proclaimed her "New York's Best Kept Secret" and publications like Time Out New York, The New York Post, and The Village Voice all praise her music and continually recommend her performances to those wishing to hear live music. Rolling Stone (France) gave her CD three stars.

Guitars, strings, double bass, drums and other sounds are layered upon her piano-driven compositions by incredible colleagues like Bill Frisell and the Tosca String Quartet. Each musical part uncovers mini-stories unto themselves, revealed after many listenings. Her intimate cover of the Cars "Just What I Needed" indicates a sense of play and sexiness, and has prompted at least two reporters to call her "daring."

At once sexy and innocent, romantic yet a tiny bit sarcastic, bold yet dreamy, Heather's songs contain a duality of opposites that capture moments in time otherwise lost by busy lives and hurried heads. Like so many musicians who are coming out of the New York City scene, Heather's songs teeter on a mix of Jazz, pop, folk and even a bit of country.

3, DOORS 7:30pm

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i noticed this last week sometime.

its pretty funny actually.

If anyone owns a copy of 'Graffiti Bridge' by Prince, or even if you don't, look it up on the net and put the cover next to the lassies face on the poster. You will be shocked at what you see.

I laughed for a while!

in fact, fuck it...


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