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Seriously weird 80s song


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YouTube - Jona Lewie - "In the Kitchen at Parties" on TOTP

I remember this vaguely from when it was out, as I much preferred it to bloody Stop the Cavalry. Just found it on youtube: is it me or is it about the weirdest thing to ever be a top ten hit? The time changes are mumbled vocals are odd enough, but wait til you hear what happens at 2.15!!!!!!!

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Laurie Anederson, Jesus. That album was called big Science, and one of the tracks began with a wolf howling, then a phone ringing, then a horribly discordant sequence of notes. A housemate of mine userd to play it in the middle of the night to freak us out!

That Jona Lewie track: the backing vocalist, not the one in the red dress but the other one, I swear she drinks in my local (in London.) If she has, she ain't changed a bit.

Check out the keyboard player at 1.49 and at 2.40!

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