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Stuart MacBride


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Opinions on the man's work? I read Cold Granite and quite enjoyed it, although it wasn't exactly mind blowing literature. My flatmate and another guy I know started it and both thought it was awful and amateur.

I think he get's better with each McRae novel.

When I first read Cold Granite I quite enjoyed it and looked forward to successive novels of his.

Dying Light was so much darker and much more enjoyable.

Broken Skin - I've left the last 3 chapters for tonight. Pretty good but not a patch on his second.

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I too am a sucker for a crime novel and enjoyed the local slant too. I think the Rebus series went from strength to strength and this is pretty similar stuff. McRae doesn't have enough of a drink problem or good taste in music though, perhaps that will develop. I thought Cold Granite was pretty gruesome in it's descriptions at times so if the second one is darker I look forward to it...

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"cold Granite" wasn't great literature - however, I couldn't put it down at times.

Same with the other one "dying light" which i'm reading just now.

it's a guilty pleasure i suppose - you know it's wrong, but you can't stop. A bit like reading a Stephen King novel, in my opinion - crap but enjoyable.

the name dropping of place names within aberdeen is a pain as well. It's sort of fun in a sense because you can picture it better, but the way he drops in street names, etc can be a bit cack handed and gratuitous.

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I couldn't get over the length of the queue on Saturday for his signing session. It snaked through the biography section all the way round the sports and headed up at the crime area. I got there at 12.10 nursing a hangover and wasn't out of the store until 1pm where I made an immediate bee-line for Slains for a quick pint before meeting friends for the second half of the Huns Vs Tims gemme.

Even MacBride himself was taken aback by the turnout.


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