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Amiga To Bring out New Systems


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Amiga To Bring out New Systems

Amiga Inc. Has announced that it will begin selling its first Systems since 2004's AmigaOne Systems with price's of the two new systems Targeted at 250 and 750 respectivly

here the press release:

"Issaquah, Wash and Fonthill, ON April 22, After months of designs and negotiations Amiga, Inc. and ACK Software Controls, Inc. are pleased to announce that new hardware is on its way for Amiga users.

I have been working on these designs with Amiga for almost 12 months and have been able to create two new designs that will fully support the needs and desires of todays Amiga user, while opening the doors for new users, said Adam Kowalczyk President of ACK Software Controls, Inc.

Initially, two systems will be produced that address two different market needs. The first is a consumer entry design that will offer a complete product with a target price point of $500.00, while the second will be of a power design that would have a target price point of $ 1,500.00. The PowerPC architecture will continue to be the architecture of choice for these new systems.

ACK and Amiga have spent many months working on designs and working with various manufacturers to create great products with a competitive price point. We will be working with the Amiga retailers over the coming weeks to solidify launch and support plans, said Bill McEwen of Amiga, Inc.

Manufacturing and final price information along with product launch schedules will be following in the next week."

Specs for the 250 machine listed below and the more expensive machine's specs will be available in the next 7 days.

Estimates from Amiga Inc's CEO suggest that Production will begin soon and they will be ready this summer.

Entry Level Design Details from ACK Controls and Amiga

Entry level product ready for Customers Summer 2007

This new system will be offered at a suggested retail price of $ 489.00 and be a complete offering excluding monitor

* Flex-ATX form factor motherboard based on the Freescale MPC8349E SoC. (400MHz to 667MHz depending on requirements and price target)

* 1 (one) DDR2 DIMM slot expandable to 1GB using unregistered DIMMs.

* 1 (one) 66MHz PCI slot for use with readily available graphics cards.

* 2 (two) 33MHz PCI slots for additional expansion.

* 2 (two) 10/100/1Gb Ethernet Ports.

* 4 (four) Hi Speed USB ports.

* 2 (two) serial ports.

* 4 (four) SATA ports provided by a Silicon Image Sil3114 controller.

* Onboard sound provided by a C-Media CMI8738.

* Socketed EEPROM for U-Boot firmware.

* Atmel ATC2408A serial EEPROM (1 kb of non-volatile storage)

* Dallas DS1339 RTC with battery holder.

* Standard ATX power supply connector.

its also More than likely gonna be shipped with Amiga OS4

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It's amazing this is still going on. I'm glad.

I remember as a teenager I'd read of some plan to relaunch the Amiga, but obviously nothing ever came of it.

I used an Amiga right up until 2001- I had an A1200 motherboard set up in a tower with a 4mb Cybervision card, 25mhz 040 processor, either 8 or 16mb ram (can't quite remember), 200mb hard drive, 16x CD drive and a 33kbps modem. Pretty paltry even by 2001 standards, but it held its own for stuff like web browsing, image processing, 3d rendering and the like.

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Power Design Specifications PowerPC board:

Based on the P.A. Semi PWRficient PA6T-1682M dual core 64 bit CPUs clocked at 2GHz.

RoHS compliant ATX form factor.

Four (4) DDR2 DIMM slots.

One (1) PCI Express x16 slot for high performance graphics cards.

One (1) PCI Express x2 slot for high performance I/O cards.

One (1) PCI Express x1 slot for standard I/O cards.

One (1) PCI 32 bit slot for legacy cards.

Six (6) USB 2.0 ports.

Two (2) Gb Ethernet ports.

Two (2) UART ports for serial connectivity and debug.

One 8Mb Flash EEPROM containing U-Boot firmware.

Four (4) SATA II ports based on the Silicon Image SiI3132 (x2)

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