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New Dream Theater Song - Free Download

Mac Atom

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Constant Motion

Hmmmm, not bad. A bit more-of-the-same (in a six degrees stylee). Got its moments though, the solo is total Alex Lifeson and there's some not bad riffs but its got some dreadful Portnoy vocals in the chorus. Back to standard tuning too, actually a bit of a 'tallica vibe to some of the verse melody.

Production wise, it's as you'd expect... meaty!

It's pretty nice of them to chuck up a cd quality mp3 for free with still over a month till the album comes out, weird too because I think its due to be the 1st single.

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I'd describe this as "horrifically disappointing", is this the same band that made Images and Words, or is it the band that made Spreading the Disease? It sounds like Anthrax, with a long and unmemorable solo section in the middle to keep it "prog". Agreed on the dreadful Portnoy vocals, isn't he good enough at drums to just do them? Tiger Woods doesn't enter Wimbledon. Eugh.

Mac you should check out the new Porcupine Tree album "Fear of a Blank Planet", it's about 100 times better than this caper. :up:

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While there is a little too much Metallica influence on this track (especially in LaBrie's Hetfield-esque vocals), I think it's nicely redeemed by the cool jazzy breakdown in the middle. Overall, slightly worrying, but with some great moments.

Let's not forget that both the preview tracks from the last two albums put fans off, and caused people to think that DT had "lost it". Subsequently, both albums turned out to be great in their own way (in my opinion, at least). I for one won't be making any judgements until I've heard the new album in it's entirety.

The same thing happened when Pain Of Salvation brought out "Scarsick". At the first sound of Daniel Gildenlow rapping, people starting announcing that the band had finally disappeared up their own arse. However, many of those fans (including myself) have since come to take that album on it's own merits, and realised that it's actually pretty damn good. I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happens to "Systematic Chaos".

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The first couple of minutes remind me more of the first few songs from train of thought, but not detuned.

Agreed on the portnoy vocals thing... stick to the kit you skinny version of macho man randy savage bastard.

The solo would have been ace if there was a better riff underneath. Still love JP's shredability though.

It's better than Octavarium anyway which is a start!

I'll still buy the album.

P.s. James Labrie looks menacing, and almost glenn benton like with his evil beard.

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Listening to it currently. Guitar sounds fairly huge.

The keyboards aren't prominant enough in my opinion, throughout much of the song.

Not keen on the excessive panning, I think the producer must have got bored..

Vocals are a bit overly agressive or something, not really stuck to the way it previously was.

Vocals seem to be a bit of a let down generally.

I seemed to lose track of the band with Octavarium. I maybe should get it sometime.

Not bad overall but hope there are better things to come.

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