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The Hijacks + GoodSirSmith + Crison Tide + The Condiments TBC = fudgenight!

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The Hijacks (www.myspace.com/hijackska)

Members of The Upstarts and Contra bring skanking punk our way in their new super group. These guys will almost certainly kick arse as they warm up for a Scottish tour in June, so get ready to feel their saxy grooving.

GoodSirSmith (Edinburgh - www.myspace.com/goodsirsmith)

Pop-grunge-rockers influenced by, the music we hear, the television we see, the people we meet, the world around us all. Sound like Foo Fighters, Green Day, Kerbdog, Deftones, Rival Schools, Jimmy Eat World, Hundred Reasons, Muse, Wildhearts, Busted, Head Automatica, Son of Dork, Therapy?, Wilt

The band was put together by Pete Harper (We Become Less, Red By Choice), and features Jimmy (We Become Less, Radio Lucifer) and Mart (We Become Less, Deadloss Superstar). The trio will be playing their first ever gig. Eek!

Crimson Tide (Sutherland - www.myspace.com/crimsontideuk)

A four-piece rock band from the North of Scotland. Their style has been described as, switching between soft-gentle acoustics, to brutal, just under control distortion, with haunting vocals. Together since early 2004, Crimson Tide have performed in venues throughout Scotland while developing more material and further finding their style. The band in general takes inspiration from Rage Against The Machine, Alter Bridge, Foo Fighters, Trivium, Mudvayne, InMe, Muse, Taproot, Nickleback, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Perfect Circle, etc.

The Condiments (www.myspace.com/therealcondiments) TBC

Thomas, Mike, Donald and Alex. A musical quartet if you will. Between us we play drums, bass, guitar, vocals, keyboard, trumpet, cello and triangle. That's eight. Our influences range from Waterloo to Anywhere. The band originate from Scotland, England and the Netherlands and started as a nameless trio back in 2005.

P.S. Mike has fulfilled the position of drummer...he is orgasmic.

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Just a quick thanks to Fudge for putting on GSS and thanks to everyone who came along and gave us a bit of a cheer - got us through the first gig nerves just fine!

Hope to be up in Aberdeen again sometime over the summer, hope to see you all there again \m/

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