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Project Reno + My Testiment Denied + Whitefire + HalfJack = fudgenight!

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Project Reno (Perth/Dundee - www.myspace.com/projectrenorock)

There are only two types of music - good music and bad music. They like the good stuff. 'Project Reno' is the brainchild of four individuals with very different musical backgrounds, and features members of Speyside, Boomhauer, Tenesee Kait and Kessell Run. All Fans of each others music, they decided it could be fun to jam and see what might evolve. Mixing blues, acoustic rock, metal and the urge to always have the melodic vocal sitting at the top, 'Project Reno' was born. Now theyre ready to step up a gear and rock into has many eardrums as possible.

My Testament Denied (www.myspace.com/mytestamentdenied)

Metal and hardcore influenced, making their debut at The Moorings. Its heavy stuff.

Whitefire (NE England - www.myspace.com/whitefirerockyourmyspace)

Five rock kids land in our glorious pirate bar to spread their rocknroll message of hope, love and the rock-guitar solo. I expect these guys will be ace live, trading on the classic rock heritage of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Free, Whitesnake, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bon Jovi and countless other legends.

HalfJack (www.myspace.com/halfj)

HalfJack rose from the discarded remnants of pops childish sensibility, classic rocks flamboyant pomposity, metals aggressive insensitivity and funks all encompassing sexuality. Ranging from wherever Nick happens to be from, to the a small town inhabited by Charlie somewhere outside Newcastle, to an even smaller town near Edinburgh frequented by Diarmaid, and what some would call the City of Edinburgh where David found his home, these four men came together to create the unadulterated sound of unrestrained rocknroll.

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