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aberdeen artists society exhibition


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has anyone ever had anything accepted at this? i got a letter through which has the title of my work and selected/not selected beside it. selected has been highlighted with a dark blue marker and i can't decide if that means it's been scored out meaning it's not selected or if it's been highlighted meaning it has been selected. dark blue seems a fairly odd choice of highlighter, if it had been your normal flourescent yellow i don't think it would be as ambiguous. am ijust being paranoid and full of self doubt?

tried phoning the number given but there's no reply.

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I'd assume that they'd score out "selected" if they didn't want that to be implied. I'd assume that it's selected but I suppose it's best to check. I've never had any dealings with the artists society myself.

i phoned them today and it does indeed mean it's not been selected. boo. way to get my hopes up amiguous marker pen/highlighter (ambiguously score out as required).

apparently they only chose a couple of photographs this year and they were all black and white. which is normally good for me but i've started shooting colour more this year. damn.

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