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Urgent Wi-fi hotspot help


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I have 1 hour and 30 mins before i finish work, so will need some advice asap...

I'm looking to find a free wireless broadband internet hotspot, so i can listen to the Dundee United v. ICT game online, on my laptop, tomorrow afternoon. Preferably in the city centre or george st way...

I know that the Hub in Aberdeen uni has wireless broadband available, but would i need a password/username to access that from my laptop?

Any pubs or cafes that would have this facility?

Any advice is greatlfully received :love:

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Aberdeen Uni's only any use if you've got a username.

Kilau's got free wireless internet now, I'm pretty sure

Ahh... bugger. Thought Aberdeen uni would need a username for wi-fi

Tempted by Kilau though... wonder if they'd be pissed off if i nursed an orange juice for 90mins though, whilst listening to the game on my headphones and getting some schoolwork done?

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Excellent cheers guys, probably hit Slains since i know a few of the bar staff. I'll text one of them tonight to see if you need a password or the like...

Would've gone to the game if i didn't have to get back sharpish for the gig at the tunnels. Wasna missing Paper Cut Out & Kling Klang for anything

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