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lead guitarist/songwriter and bassist wanted


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Myself and matt from tears of grace are forming a new band.

influences: range from square pusher to 65 days of static to brand new to hot chip to moby, biffy clyro, bloc party, funeral for a friend, nine in nails. metallica, hell is for heroes, muse, underoath, reuben, .....list is endless.

we are looking for a lead guitarist (not necessarily fret wanking solo-style) who can contribute ideas to a song writing process.

we need a commited, ambitious, energetic and enthusiastic player who wants to have fun and write some great music. Would need to willing to practise about 2 times a week and gig.

Our ambition is to form a 'catchy rock band' for want of a better phrase...edgy hardcore type music with hooks and that is catchy yet original and at times complex.

think....65 days of static mixed with funeral for a friend, biffy clyro and bloc party. add poppy band like fall out boy for catchyness.

we have a prospective singer lined up.

oh and we need a bassist too :p

lemme know if you want to meet us for a pint to chat about our ideas :)

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in the first instance of the band, it will probably be very little, it is just a style of music that influences us...it's unlikely that'd be something we'd explore...perhaps.

adding electrical elements to the band is something we'd probably look into....but not until we have some structure of a band and some tunes.

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