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question above overdrives i guess


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question about overdrives i guess

right i use a sansamp bass driver, not as DI anymore just in my chain.

i've got a tone i love using the driver and my ashdown, it has a degree of drive in it.

It works most of the time.

but theres times when im wanting a little more "insanity" if you will.

How do overdrives react when paired with other drives?

Will they work pretty well? or end up sounding terrible?

Also does anyone have any idea which OD's will sound decent?

The added drive will only be used when its bass and drums only probs.

cheers for any help guys


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fuzz is a different entity to overdrive, but i suppose it could be useful

as for the sansamp, take the blend dial back to about 4ish, crank the prescence to about 7.5ish, give it some drive at about 8ish, bass at about 7.5. alter your pick up tone on your bass too i suppose

play about with it until you find what you need, the less blend you use you get more of a natural tone as opposed to an ampeg tone. the prescence fairly increases the noise and make it sound more "insane" i suppose.

i usually try and keep the thing at 5/12 o clock and make a few wee hanges as i only use it for a bit of drive and sustain

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cheers for the replys

i use the sansamp as more as an fx pedal rather than emulator i guess. it's on all the time, i think i'd like somethin i could use aswell as the sansamp.


warwick > TU2 > sansamp > other drive > ashdown.

though i do have the blend full on the sans, so i might consider droppin that a smidgen


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