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The Ghost Of Fudge

The Gin Goblins + Supragod + Guile + The Threats = The Moorings Bar

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sat april 21

the gin goblins


"For the truth, the whole truth, a few really quite blatant lies, and a little bit more truth, get yerself along to GIN GOBLINS GinGoblins.com - click on that and all yer SHOCK HORROR THIS SHOULD BE BANNED and RIDICULOUSNESS needs will be ably catered for in a most spectacularly splendid fashion. Possibly. And it's ALL TRUE. Apart from the lies."



"I guess this is where we should be writing that we are 'the saviours of rock n roll' with our 'super sonic turbo action mental rip n roll extravaganza from moterfucking hell music' and that we are 'the most energetic band on stage since the stooges'... ..so we did."



"Think of The Doors, The Velvet Underground and Johnny Cash via Nirvana and the Jesus and Mary Chain and youve not only begun to capture the driving influences behind Guile, but their ability to create original and empowering music.

Despite being formed in the deepest, darkest depths of Cannock, an old coalmining town in Staffordshire; Guiles founder members, brothers Neal and Jon Sawyer together with bassist Adam Shaw, have worked away tirelessly in their infamous lock up, perfecting their own unique brand of loud and proud rock n roll narkotika.

April and May will see the band embark upon on a massive six-week tour calling into every corner of the UK. Leaving behind a boom of awe and further predictions of their imminent rise to the top."

the threats


"Been around on and off since 79, we do this for FUN and can't be bothered with bullshit, backstabbers and drama! (Life is too short and we're gettin old, apart from our wee drummer chap!), if your one of those listed, please leave now!, if not, pull up a chair, open a beer, light a smoke, have a pogo, bang yer head off a wall etc!"

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