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Hey Guys n Gals.. :)


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Im a newby, been looking for some good music forum sites, so far this is the best (most people signed up) but im not from Aberdeen - does that matter? My big sis n Gran are from Scotland. LOL, if anybody knows any other big forums let us know.. :)

Im 25 n from Manchester.. Into all vibes of music. I do promo as much as poss for a few Indie Bands & (House) DJ`s in my spare time. I love finding an Unsigned band that gives me goosebumps and tell everyone and help them anyway i can!

Love Gigs & Sambuca.. Hope everyones good!! :) xxx :up:

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Cool i will!! :)

Following & doin some promo for a Manchester Band at the Mo! they have recently been on Sky`s Channel M about 3 times. Going to get them a good gig in Scotland once i know i good venue.. Check them out at www.myspace.com/suitcasemusic tell us what you think? xxx

I stumbled upon them!

It goes like this - I'm an avid watcher of Frank Sidebottom's Proper Telly Show (don't ask) so was waiting for it to come on and it had a Manchester new band showcase (it may have been from where the photos on the MySpace are taken) and I remember thinking to myself "nae really my thing, but they're spot on at what they do." I also remember thinking the big bearded bass player looked well out of place compared to the others with their indie cuts and boyish good looks!!!! So they're called Suitcase! Best of luck to them - they remind me of the stuff I listened to when I first got into music at the beginnings of Britpop.

I'm sure a fair amount of Aberdeen gig - goers would be interested to see them.

I work with a guy from Salford and in his own words "I'm bang into this."

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