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Elizium @ The Tunnels 17/03/07 Set List

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Grand Chaos In Sedens (Bak xiii extended version)

Codec & Flexor Black Diamonds

Nitzer Ebb Murderous

Juno Reactor God Is God

Cephalgy Mein Versprechen (Lost Area Remix)

Skinny Puppy Politikill

Xymox A Day

Joy Division Dead Souls

Bolshoi A Way (original 7 mix)

Pigface Nutopia

Bomb the Bass Winter In july

Filter & The Crystal Method (Cant You) Trip Like I Do

Rob Zombie Living Dead Girl

Crud Meat Detonation

Rammstein - Feuer Frei!

Killing Joke Millenium

Ministry Jesus Built My Hotrod

Zombie Girl Go Zombie

DJ Scandy Split

Reaper Daemon (Gudfried Mix)

Depeche Mode A Pain That Im Used To

Ohgr Cracker

T.Raumschmiere The Game Is Not Over

Motormark Eat Drink Sleep Think

Echo !mage Standing Alone

Muse Supermassive Black Hole

Angelspit Vena Cava

Alec Empire The Ride

Covenant Stalker (Club Mix)

Combichrist Another Corpse In Your Bed

Atomic Robokid Candy Crusher

Funker Vogt Tragic Hero

Mindless Self Indulgence Straight To Video

Emilie Autumn Opheliac

Manuskript The Sun Always Shines On TV

Rasputina Transylvanian Concubine

Katscan (Sceaming Like A) Crack Baby

Zombie Girl We Are The Ones

Apoptygma Berzerk Cambodia

Deviant UK Whats Your Malfunction

Covenant Bullet

Seabound Scorch The Ground

Fairlight Children Electropulse

Northborne Truck (V1.1)

VNV Nation Chrome

Rotersand Lifelight (Redeconstructed mix)

Angels & Agony Forward (Dark Angels Mix)

Ascii Disko Black Metal

Skinny Puppy Pro-test

Icon Of Coil Regret (Combichrist Remix)

Ultraviolence Adultery

Combichrist Get Your Body Beat (Album Version)

The Prodigy Funky Shit

Zombie Girl Were Gonna Getcha

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