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[GIG] The Dangerfields @ The Tunnels

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Dangerfields debut album Born To Rock slams a crushing shot of primal rock 'n' roll fury into the veins of a music scene desperately in need of a return to the fundamentals of the art. Born To Rock swaggers like Bon-era AC/DC, slashes like Slayer and kicks the fucking door in like Motrhead: this is the real deal. Evolving over the course of 700 shows, the Belfast band have honed their live craft with a series of tours across the UK, Ireland and Europe, breathing fire down the necks of a host of legendary headliners including Misfits, Marky Ramone, Less Than Jake, Flogging Molly, Nashville Pussy, Supersuckers, Zeke, Life Of Agony, Stiff Little Fingers, The Damned, The Exploited, D.R.I., Poison Idea and Agnostic Front.

The power trio have also shown massive crossover appeal, performing on Irish festival bills with the likes of Snow Patrol and Editors, winning over hundreds of young converts to the rock cause. Of their Tennent's Vital 06 performance, the BBC had this to say:

"Honed and muscular, the hardest working punk rock band in Ireland have not sacrificed the raw edge for tightness. 'Come and hear some real rock 'n' roll' they dare a crowd possibly making a first time punk rock gamble – they are richly rewarded. There is no erection section here. Smooch elsewhere, lovers, this is where you go to get your kicks."

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson is a huge fan, first selecting the Dangerfields to open for Therapy? and Funeral For A Friend at his BBC 6 Music roadshow, then bringing the guys into the studio for a full interview and Born To Rock preview. Ditto Radio 1's Mike Davies, who playlisted album opener Voodoo Doll on his rock show, and the Across The Line team in N. Ireland, who commissioned an exclusive four song studio session. Born To Rock continues to garner rave reviews in magazines, fanzines and webzines across the world.

The Dangerfields have been a self-sustaining, continually touring entity for five years: living on the road, paying their dues and in the process shifting thousands of albums and t-shirts. The time has come to take it to the next level. Get Born to Rock on your stereo, turn it up to 11 and join the believers.

Chris Lindsay

RAAP Management


With local support coming from:




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That's a really good poster.

Will be a good night. Not seen The Dangerfields before so I need to get my ass down for it.

How can you possibly not have seen The Dangerfields before? I've seen em at least 15 times I reckon and most of them was in Aberdeen.

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They supported Stiff Little Fingers this year. Thought they were pretty entertaining and the drummer had a Karloff T-Shirt :up:

I bought their album on the night which I haven't yet listened to. "Born To Rock". Nae beating about the bush with that title......

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Unfortunately the catnips have had to pull out :down:

Apologies, so we'l just run it with the 3 bands left getting longer sets, first band on around half 8.

Still, 3 amazing bands for only 3! Shall be a a great night...




Shit, was looking forward to them.

What's this I hear about my favce being on the fanzine?

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