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American Deluxe Telecaster

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Greetings all,

I'm thinking about selling my American Deluxe Telecaster as I don't play it enough these days and I need some cash for a new Bass. It's served me well as my main guitar and im particularly fond of the noiseless pickups and s1 switching (it handles distortion a bit better than other tele's in my opinion).

Specs can be found here Fender American Deluxe Telecaster (GAK)

I'm looking for around 800 for it (99 less than GAK, and that's not including their p and p) I paid over a grand for it when the model was first released.

I've had this guitar for around 3 years (bought it new from Sound Control Glasgow), light home use, it's never been gigged and so is in pretty much new condition. I'm very careful with my instruments so you can be assured that it's in very good nick.

Images: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y230/Skamikazee/IMG_0064Medium.jpg




Comes with a Fender hard case and strap locks.

Would consider a trade/part exchange for a bass (pref an American Fender).

PM me or leave a message here if you need any more details or pics from a different angle etc.

I'm currently located in central aberdeen so would be willing to meet a buyer in town etc



-Edited for spelling mistakes-

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Guest DustyDeviada
I believe you'll find that it does infact have a maple neck but alas, no maple fretboard. :up:

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