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[GIG] Howards Alias + Contra + Dirtbox + Crashdown @ Moshulu

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Does exactly what it says on the tin. The mighty Howards Alias are back and returning to Aberdeen for the first time since October '05. If you like your prog rock with a bit of reggae, Howards Alias should already be your favourite band. They are one of the finest live acts you ever will see. http://www.myspace.com/howardsalias

With support from:




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howards alias were, as usual, brilliant. Extra sax polayer really adds something extra :)

cashdown were good too.

pretty annoyed though. howards alias lplayed for about as long as the supports. Why therefore have 3 supports? The money might be better spent on promoting the gig (didn't see any posters around town or myspace flyers etc etc...only knew about the gig because i saw it on the howards alias myspace and amy's post on here)

matt from howards alias said they were meant to play an hour but only got '36' minutes.

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Crazy Arm were amazing. Shit name, fantastic music. Really enjoyed their set. They fairly give it their all, totally worth checking out. Fingers crossed they decide to come back up.

Yeah, pretty disappointed about the short HA set and the crowd too. But they did a fine job as always. Really hoped they'd have some new material on show but still pleased to hear a few off The Answer Is Never. I think they said another tour is in order in July but I can't really remember.

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