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The Big C

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Yep Cancer.

I wanted to talk to you about Cancer and it's vice like control on our nation, infact Western Civillisation is in the midst of this grasp and it continues to get worse by the year. Records and studies have shown that throughout the years it has become stronger and the chance of you getting Cancer has increased dramatically. You are bound to know of someone who has or had cancer, the outcome may not be so good, the outcome may have been fantastic. But whatever the outcome is; Cancer is most definately something that scares us all.

Cancer rips lives apart and will continue to do so untill a cure is found. It's the one thing you check for constantly, when a bump or lump appears you instantly think it's Cancer. I can't talk about cancer from a personal point of view, although my Mum did get diagnosed with it in '94 she managed to beat it and is still alive and kicking today, but I'm sure many of you can talk about it with a tear in your eye. It's a rampage of a disease that is wiping out 1 in 3 people. You, me, or the next person to view this thread will experiance cancer at some point in our lifetime. It's inevitable. Or is it..

B-17 is a vitamin that has been slowly taken off the menu's and has faded into the background of our Western dietry revolution. As our Nation is turning into a fast food culture we don't have the time to supplement our bodies needs with the right diet. This eventually is causing a defficency which leads to Cancer. Although the obvious ailments of cancer like smoking, radiation etc etc are still where they stand and do still mess you up.

Nitroloside is the main componant of various grass types and is Vitamin B-17's main weapon. Over the last 50 years our diet has been dilluted to take in less B-17 and with that comes a whopping increase in cancer. Scurvy wiped out millions of people throughout the 17/18th century and when someone reccommended an Orange or Lemon as the cure they were laughed at. But it turned out that scurvy was a vitamin C deffiency, so the oranges & lemons turned out to save millions. Even us.

Like I said, Nitroloside is found in Grass. Why do you think Animals eat it? Ok, they don't exactly know the crack with dietry supplementation, but there's a natural scratch for it in their minds which is itched when they eat it, they know that it's good for them somehow.

I would highly recommend you started watching what you eat - there is something well dodge going on with the Governments lack of care for B-17 and it's natural supplementary gloss & shine effect on us. The fact that a few GP's in the US were arrested after reccomending their patients, who had cancer, B-17 shows me that something is wrong in this picture. But it's all wild conjucture at the moment I guess.

G. Edward Griffin - A World Without Cancer - The Story Of Vitamin B17 - Google Video

If you have 55 minutes of your life spare I'd reccomend you watch this documentary all about it and see for yourself.


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