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Neutral my arse!

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haha that's classic. the two countries seem to be talking like neighbours in a street. "their son kicked his football in my garden" no harm done.

imagine if the mexican army did that to the US. that would be another war on the go

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The people of Liechtenstein must have shat it when they saw all those men armed to the teeth with those wee red knives in "scissors out" mode.

Switzerland - Civvy population armed to the teeth (2 million official private guns, a further 6 million unofficial firearms) & with the biggest army in Europe - 360 000 able to be mobilised in less less than 24 hrs

They do however get a very basic model of Swiss Army Knife in the kit-bag.

As well as that, the extensive network of bunkers, other fortifications & hardwired explosive channels on the main roads/passes/tunnels that can protect the population & seal-off the country at a moments notice, they had till recently, a mountain bike brigade complete with cycle-mounted anti-tank rockets & then there are the motorways where the central reservation folds down to make the road into a runway for jets.

Dinnae-mess with these guys - They can also yodel!

Mind you, the fact that the Lichtenstein border is also known as The Rhine, might suggest they need a job advert like this:

Job vaccancy - Swiss Army company commader. Sense of direction essential

Switzerland - Mad as a box of frogs once you scratch the surface! 8-)

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