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[GIG] The Red Well + Welfare Mothers + Lorenzo Snow Collective @ The Tunnels


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So Quiet it Kame and the Tunnels present

the Red Well www.myspace.com/theredwell

Welfare Mothers (featuring Lazy sheepdog) www.myspace.com/welfaremothers

Lorenzo Snow Collective www.myspace.com/lorenzosnowcollective

The Red Well are playing a friendly in preparation for their 2-leg fence collective home game gigs in April. The Red Well is: "a band where Jim sings and plays guitar, Barry plays bass and sings, David plays keys and sings and plays guitar too!, and John will leather the drums like they were a baddie. The resulting sound will touch your (ar)soul and you will love it." Long-time Red Well friend, Clarabelle, also says: "ok, let's do it. i'll buy the legs, i'll pick them up in asda tonight."

Welfare Mothers are: "Kevin Allan (sings, plays guitar), John Hekert (lap steel / slide guitar), Pete McConville (aka fatherless hound) Resonator, Mandolin and Motorised Pan Pipes), and the semi-occassional Philip Rae on his honeys' organ.

William Burroughs channeled through SQIK's medium FK said about Lorenzo Snow Collective that they are: "Three tinged country music fun and dark games slices of cinematic (also) loneliness, and write despair of formidable personified army dreams. its not who buy copy at gig, but we beware the swords. good EP, pretty. made of individual unique hands. Aberdeen.



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Special illegal treat

excellent! that's 7 of us then!!! thats a cool 28!!!!!

Dave Falconer will be playing videos too... & word is possibly we will be showing some footage of Neil Young from the 1970s that we have 'unearthed' from somewhere, possibly nowhere.


This looks like a tasty as fuck evening. Count me in.
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