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- Release Info -------------------------------------------------------------- -

Artist: Pelican

Album: City Of Echoes

Label: Hydra Head Records

Playtime: 42:32 min

Genre: Metal

URL: pelican

Street date: 2007-05-22

- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- -

This is undoubtably their best record yet, and an absolute instru-metal masterpiece. Enjoy, and make sure you pick it up on double lp when it eventually comes out.

Pelican is a four-piece instrumental band hailing from Chicago, Illinois who

have since relocated to Los Angeles. The band is known for its dense

combinations of different melodies and extended track lengths. Their

distinctive sound draws from doom metal as well as post-rock and many other

influences, making them exemplary proponents of post-metal. They are signed

to Hydra Head Records, which is owned and operated by Aaron Turner of Isis.

Larry Herweg, Trevor de Brauw, and Laurent Lebec also make up three-quarters

of the band Tusk.

- Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

01. Bliss In Concrete ( 5:30)

02. City Of Echoes ( 7:05)

03. Spaceship Broken-Parts Needed ( 6:04)

04. Winds With Hands ( 3:57)

05. Dead Between The Walls ( 5:06)

06. Lost In The Headlights ( 4:09)

07. Far From Fields ( 5:17)

08. A Delicate Sense Of Balance ( 5:24)

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

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New pelican song on myspace is absolutely terrible! Will reserve judgement until new album is out but that song is just horrible.

Looking forward to the gig tho

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The new album is rubbish. Really rubbish and I'm gutted :down:

I'm gonna try and "find" it now. I'll probably buy it anyway, unless it is totaly dire. The gig should still be good. I expect some of the older stuff.

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