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[GIG] imp present: Thee More Shallows + support @ The Tunnels


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One of Interesting Music's very favourite artists, THEE MORE SHALLOWS, have just signed a worldwide deal with the mighty ANTICON label. We are very fortunate to have secured them for another visit to The Tunnels on Sunday 22nd April 07 to celebrate this and the launch of their brand new long play "Book of Bad Breaks" on the aforementioned ANTICON label. Go check the amazing new track "Night at the Knight School", on their myspace. http://www.myspace.com/theemoreshallows

We've raved on about this band since first hearing them, now everyone is picking up on them - so come & see them in the intimate Tunnels environment before they go to bigger venues.

interesting music promotions present: THEE MORE SHALLOWS + SUPPORT

Sunday 22nd April 2007

The Tunnels, Carnegies Brae, Aberdeen, AB10 1BF. (01224) 211121

Doors 8.00pm / Entry tba




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Good news from The ANTICON Label:-

Thee More Shallows Book Of Bad Breaks Heats Up With Press and Radio; Preorder The CD On The Anticon Store Now To Receive A Limited Edition Bonus Disc!

Thee More Shallows' highly anticipated anticon debut, Book Of Bad Breaks, is getting a great response from the free press and college radio! Look out for features in URB Magazine, Death In Taxes, Resonance, Anthem, Alarm Press and lots more. They have also been picked to be SPIN.coms band of the day! On the radio side Book Of Bad Breaks was the number 5 most added at stations this week! More to come.

In the mean time you can pre-order Book Of Bad Breaks and received a limited edition bonus CD-R containing all the songs from the album in order but in their original demo form - performed entirely on a Casio HT-700 and acoustic guitar. The limited bonus disc provides a private glance into the very intimate stages of the record's creation - before the tracks were reworked with the band's signature polish.

For those of you in the UK, France and Belgium Thee More Shallows are now touring in your regions! See dates below.

TMS will also be doing extensive touring in the US in May and June. Dates TBA soon. The record release show in San Francisco will be May 4 at Caf DuNord.



thee more shallows on myspace

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album is awesome

well the IMP crew & the stalwarts free tibet & maxi think this is yet another special release, here is a very early preview reviews of the very wonderful NEW Thee More Shallows release from the ever relable ORGAN online Magazine


THEE MORE SHALLOWS Book Of Bad Breaks (Anticon) - Forecasters of delight and no disasters ever, every twinkle of every light, they have such an instantly recognisable sound, a finger print all of their own these Thee More Shallows. And you know were going to gush about them again, like turkeys with the gift of flight. What are they going to pull out of their red case this time? How are things in that warm twilight world, no, in that 2am world of deserted streets and quiet crashes, that peaceful world where street lights hum and electric flickers with so much beautiful colour? The warm San Francisco band were always going to have a tough task coming up with something better than 2005s vitally wonderful More Deep Cuts they wisely havent tried, theyve taken their fingerprints over to different scapes, to explore different shades and moods - away from depression and towards mania (so they say). Far less dark and inward this time, still that gloriously prog edge and that richly detailed orchestrated post-pop, still those whispered words and French horns and Casio warmth and subtle beats - lyrical one liners that paint whole pictures. Another film of an album, another set of Hopper paintings and hints of Wire, Granddaddy, early Bowie and graceful Tortoise, and yes as pointed out elsewhere, hints of Vaughn Williams. Delicate white noise and shorting neon signs in the rain-light, that and white masks and a mosquito haze of delicate detail so much detail, something new with every listen and it clearly needs weeks before we get in to all the corners and lift all the layers and find it all. How do they make so much sound so minimal? Ah look, they could never better More Deep Cuts, they managed to equal it though, another stunning masterpiece of a film, another set of warm reward songs and more of their wonderfully rewarding and very unique sound (warned you we were going to gush again).

One of the very best bands out there in a world of far far too many very fine bands.


come & see the RED CASE this Sunday night

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& the reviews are starting to roll-in

Edinburgh/Glasgow Scene Listings & Review ZINE


These tunes are universal.

To some at least, Anticon does indie rock might make for an attractive proposition on paper - but mightnt such a delicious gambit go horribly wrong? After all, this lot are more notorious for the production of innovative hip-hop, are they not? Dont concern yourself. Not if (forgive them the daft name for a second) Thee More Shallows are a large part of that proposal, especially when considering this LP which is a slight advance beyond 2005s foray into psychedelia, More Deep Cuts. Using Modest Mouse, Eels and Anticons own Why? as touchstones while mucker Odd Nosdam interjects with a few breaks here and a French horn segue there; the brittle, fuzzy-headed style of Book of Bad Breaks is sublime at best throughout its numerous euphoric peaks, easing up only for a few brief interludes and a chin stroking duo of ambient closing ditties.

Otherwise, this is a full on sonic safari; a predominantly sharp and inspiring release which boasts an array of inventive instrumentation which frames the calming delivery of vocalist Dee Kesler. Despite the haunting, downtrodden poetry in these lyrics, optimism and vitality shines brightly throughout the Shallows sound. The pace sways between a crawl and a juggernaut with the trio appearing at their most dangerous when they muster a tempo for the eloquent two fingered salute of Night at the Knight School and break out into the rumbling dysfunction of Fly Paper. A heavy release for heavy times and, as the self mocking name suggests, you neednt worry about whether you subscribe to Plan B or the NME in order to take some enjoyment away from this INCREDIBLE LP.

These tunes are universal.

Edinburgh/Glasgow Scene Listings & Review ZINE


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if i get out on time then i may come along. chances are though i probably won't get out til 10pm :( shitsticks.

Tell Neil Stevenson its an IMP event & he'll give you time off for good behaviour????

anyhow here's a wee review of TMS 1st European show of this tour in London

THEE MORE SHALLOWS - The Social, London, 2/4/07

Thee More Shallows new album, Book of Bad Breaks, is more electronic, harsher and perhaps (interestingly) a little more disjointed than More Deep Cuts. The familiar ingredients remain the delicate, minimal passages and 2am whispered laments but they are less central and instead fight for space with buzzing moogs and a more obvious aggression. Even the odd Vaughan Williams moment is glitched and fraught with a sense of the sinister.

So the intriguing question was how they would translate this harder-edge to the stage. Odd to relate, then, that Thee More Shallows were positively playful tonight. Dee Kesler grappled jokingly with a rebellious mike stand throughout, in keeping with the lets-see-how-this-goes air to proceedings. But aside from the effects of first-night uncertainties and jet-lag, Thee More Shallows premiered a number of songs from the new album with the lan weve come to expect, and still replete with the slow-burning melody that makes them such a delight to listen to.

Now just a three-piece (I assume Im not the only one to miss Odessas singing?), Thee More Shallows bring a real inventiveness with various effects. Kesler is fond of the sustained loop to paint a background, and the set sees all band members at various points playing the keys, still housed in the red box, with Messrs Fraser and Gonzales exchanging drums and red box duties.

Its therefore a real team effort to create that full, lush Thee More Shallows sound, and its rather intriguing to see them at work and more of a spectacle than you might imagine. As they have always done, the band expertly managed the process, and the set was carefully chosen to balance the competing tendencies. Night at the Knight School hinted at things to come, its gentle, insistent vocal line both soothing and unsettling, while Eagle Rock and White Mask raised the volume levels, the latter with a terrific, radio-friendly chorus. That new sense of urgency was most apparent with Oh Yes, Another Mother, whose initial serenity gave way to an epic finale, more frenzied and all-out than Freshman Thesis, its earlier counterpart.

But even though this more abrasive, harder-edged aspect of the new album was unmistakably there, the earlier material still fitted in well alongside. The more experimental Bowie-esque electronica that ends the new album wasnt prioritised, while 2am sounded as refreshing as ever, and the magnificent, brooding Cloisterphobia received perhaps the warmest reception of the night from a crowd clearly well-versed in More Deep Cuts.

So the initial impressions are much the same as those that greet the first hearing of the album its a compelling evolution of sound and perspective, essentials in place, but with a more combative attitude, and with a nod in the direction of those seeking innovative ways of embracing electronica with their guitars still strapped on. Thee More Shallows return to London on 27th April, where you can see them at the Buffalo Bar. Go on, treat yourself.

With first-night uncertainties and jet-lag, by the time they get here tonight they should be even more awesome.........

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