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getting a job


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I did a world challenge with my old school last year. As an overall experience it was absolutely brilliant.

However!!! be warned.

You ARE being ripped off. I paid 3050 pounds for an experince which costs nothing like that amount of money if booked alone, or with a different company.

World challenge also managed to seriously under budget us in terms of cash out there and we ended up buying food out of our own pockets for alot of the expedition. Some of their helth and safety rules are little OTT, however if you are hush hush you manage to do various activities which are actually against the rules, so long as you have a cool leader.

You WILL need a part time job to do a world challenge. Some members of our team didn't have one, but they managed to raise cash from their parents....which defeats the whole point.

ps - where are you going? i'm sure you'll have a great time.

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im off to Tanzania.

im looking forward to it, but also quite daunted by the prospect.

i may just start going into places and asking if they've got any jobs going. see if they ask about my age...:angel:

but yeah, right now i really dont have any source of income... and i would feel a fraud asking ma and pa to pay up :down:

haha, and a car wash at countesswells playing fields on Friday 9th March, if anyone is interested :p

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

He doesn't live in a 'neighbourhood' unfortunately. However, I may have to take up a paper round to finance a city break in May, anybody got any other tips for raising a couple of hundred bucks? I'm gonna have an ebay clearout and sell as much junk as possible, and take on as much overtime work as possible but will it be enough?

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I'd phone up some hotels - preferably smaller or family run hotels I'd say - and ask if they're looking for KPs. Also, you might find with hotels you could do the odd bit of room cleaning for extra cash.

My first job was KPing at a hotel when I was 15. I went on to do waitressing and glass collecting for them when I turned 16.

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