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Pit er Pat (Thrill Jockey) + Fulborn Teversham + Quack Quack

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interesting music promotions present:


Saturday 31st March 2007

The Tunnels, Carnegies Brae, Aberdeen, AB10 1BF. (01224) 211121

Doors 8.00pm / Entry 7



PIT ER PAT (Thrill Jockey)

Pit er Pat are the Tortoise endorsed and produced, Chicago-based trio of keyboardist

Fay Davis-Jeffers, drummer Butchy Fuego and bassist Rob Doran. Powerful rhythms provide a solid floor for ethereal melodies and layers of textural samples in their music. To those fortunate enough to have seen them, Pit er Pat are a hugely compelling presence. Fans compare various aspects of their music to The Raincoats, early Soft Machine, Slap Happy and Blonde Redhead - the end result is a constant propelling of rhythm and melody steeped in innumerable influences and emotions. Like the hairy-who movement the band so admires, Pit er Pat can be described as an expressive work of fantastic adventure - compelling, arousing and mysterious.


FULBORN TEVERSHAM (Pickled Egg Records)

Fulborn Teversham are the mind-blowing new group of Seb Rochford, the extraordinarily in-demand and prolific drummer / composer, leader of Mercury Music prize nominees Polar Bear, and winner of BBC Jazz award for Rising Star 2004. The line-up also includes Pete Wareham (Acoustic Ladyland, Polar Bear) on saxophone, Nick Ramm (Cinematic Orchestra, Clown Revisited) on keyboards, and vocalist Alice Grant (also with Leafcutter John). The group pursues a more eclectic, less overtly jazz direction than Polar Bear, incorporating elements of electronica, Henry Cow-style prog and post punk. With clever balancing of cosmic and acoustic sounds, Fulborn Teversham offer up an intimate and thrilling futuristic improvisational post-jazz, post-punk chamber music. Their debut album, 'Count Herbert II' is available now from Pickled Egg.


QUACK QUACK (Run of the Mill Records)

Quack Quack is the newest and most essential band featuring Neil Turpin (Polaris / Bilgepump / HiM / Baby Harp Seal). Theyre a three piece instrumental, instrument-swapping band youll also no doubt have heard of in recent months following a couple of much-talked-about-afterwards shows in good old Glasgow. The music of Quack Quack isnt easy to categorize, but take a shared spirit of improvisation and a healthy disregard for well trodden musical paths and youre moving in the right direction. Like the great

rhythm sections of James Brown, Africa 70, Can and Led Zeppelin, Quack Quack operate right next to your heartbeat and your footsteps. They understand the importance of rhythm and use it to get the good chemicals flowing. This is music for dancing and smiling to. Who will forget their amazing 1st visit to Aberdeen

a few weeks ago?


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I have been asked by some people if tickets are going on sale for this event, if so where?

No lowball this is a cash on the door event. i'm very excited by this tour package & also for the fact this is our 1st Saturday show at Tunnels 1 since our Triptych 06 event. We have a further two Saturday events on Sat 28th April & a still to be announced goodie in June.


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from the thrill jockey site

Pit er Pat is the Chicago-based trio of keyboardist Fay Davis-Jeffers, drummer Butchy Fuego and bassist Rob Doran. When approaching a title for the new album, the follow up to 2005s Shakey, each member of Pit er Pat remembers coming across pyramids in various forms: in random images they encountered, in the course of personal reading, and even in their own drawings. Pyramids were everywhere it seemed, and the strength and symbolism of that shape clicked for the band with the themes of the new album and their nature as a three-piece.

Powerful rhythms provide the solid floor for ethereal melodies and layers of textural samples on Pyramids. Contemporaries describe Pit er Pats sound as distinctively modern and fresh. Doran and Fuegos vocals often flit with Davis-Jeffers in an exchange evoking haunting innocence. Contrasts are also present lyrically. On the fatalistic Time Monster, Fay illuminates the misconceived promises of passing time:

Time doesnt care / makes no decisions / they have already been made. / It just moves round the circle / as it always has and always will. / Reminding you in its stableness / of your own temporality/ your brief life / your dying/ the world didnt notice you lived at all.

While that kind of seemingly ominous imagery is repeated on Pyramids, there is also an equally heavy presence of openness and possibility uniting the dualities that this band has come to represent.

Pit er Pat toured extensively through most of 2005 and made their first full circuits of the US and Europe, including tours with Sam Prekop, Menomena and Need New Body. Playing more than 110 shows together made them better as a band and synthesized the sonic evolution that Pyramids represents. But rather than going into the studio with a list of finished songs to put on tape, Pit er Pat instead carried with them the creative momentum that those tours had fueled, recording the music as it came together organically, capturing the sounds at their most fresh.

As with their last release, the 3-D Message EP, Pit er Pat recorded this album at Soma Studios with John McEntire. Pyramids was recorded and mixed in just 11 days enough time for the band to fully develop their inspirations, while keeping things performative energetically and capturing the details often lost in the club PA. Its clear that McEntire was very much in-tune with their musical ideas, reflecting the bands creativity back on itself in order to aid the full and fluid realization of their ideas.

Pyramids is Pit er Pats second full album and sixth release overall. Utterly unique and difficult to pin down with musical comparisons, its by far the bands most comprehensive effort to date.

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Fulborn Teversham got a great four star review in todays


thats in the Guardfian on the other thread

this is a norman records review

Ant here peeps, easing my way into review mode with 'Count Herbert II' the spanking new CD by FULBORN TEVERSHAM that's currently just woken me up from my coma. This is the new project of Seb Rochford (Polar Bear / Acoustic Ladyland). This is an inventive blend of punk, jazz and electronics. The tracks are dynamic but maintain a sense of direction. After the first squawking tenor sax bit kicks in, you fear its going to wonder off into avant-jazz noodle territory but thankfully it doesn't. With tracks that ooze huge energy to more sleazy numbers and analogue synth led pieces. The drumming is consistently slamming. Brian say's he can hear bits of Trans Am, John Zorn, and Th' Faith Healers all mangled together

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