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Trivia Question - Name That Actor


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Del's right, Lance Henrickson (who was great in Millennium) was also a strong contender and was cast I think until the studio bosses convinced Cameron to use Arnie, Henrickson's still in it as a cop, and got his role in Aliens because he was taken off the lead in Terminator.



Stuart - Del is right indeed.

I knew about Henricksen or (Lance "Aliens" Henricksen as he's referred to in movie mags), so I was surprised to see Simpsons name metioned. I just thought it was ironic that they considered him "too nice to play a cold-blooded killer" when 10 years later he (allegedly) became just that.

Henricksen would have made a good Terminator, but I guess Arnie's bulk and Teutonic monotone won the day - and he was great!

My mates and I reckoned that the name "Sarah Connor" - was in-joke by the director and scriptwriters as An-nee is completely incapable of pronouncing it :laughing:

"I am looooking foh Say-a Co-nna"

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