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It was amazing appart from a couple of drunk twats with complete disregard for anyone in the crowd.

What was the old-school game music that Men, Women and Children opened with? That was frikkin' sweet, as were the bubbles!


I second the drunken twat thing, I got spat at because I told a guy to fuck off after he grabbed my ass. Nae happy.

But the gig was immense. Men, Women and Children were fucking amazing and the bearded ginger jesus type and the sweaty topless singer were lovely at the merch stand. Managed to wrangle a shirt and a cd for 13, whoot!

Wasn't too impressed with iFR!, they sounded very similar to the album, which is good I suppose, but because every song sounds the same it just melted into a sea of noise. Apart from the last song of the encore.

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I agree men, women and children were amazing. Forward Russia have become more polished and sound more like the album. Ive seen iFR! 3 times previous but when they started they sounded very rough. I think there style of music sounds better with a more polished finish. Also the new songs that they played were really good. Anyway these are my revised notes on the gig. lol :up:

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