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Will Haven cancel UK tour?

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Got an e-mail from See Tickets today saying that Will Haven's headline show in Glasgow on the 15th of April has been cancelled and won't be rescheduled. Anyone know what the story is with this? Is the whole UK/European tour cancelled or just the Glasgow gig? There is nothing on their MySpace page about this.

I think I'm destined never to see this band headline. :(

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Following announcements of a June release for their new album and an arranged but quickly cancelled UK tour in April' date=' there have been rumours that Grady intends to leave the band again soon - possibly to become a policeman. These unconfirmed reports also suggest that Jeff Jaworski of Red Tape is to become the next vocalist for Will Haven and Grady's involvement on Hierophant is as yet unknown. According to their latest myspace blog the band will be making a 'big announcement' at a free concert at the Troubador in Los Angeles on the 19th February.[/quote']

Will Haven - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Someone on DiS posted this:

If Will Haven asks' date=' you ain't seen me...

Miscellaneous Struggling Music Journo: Being their mate, you must have heard some of the new Will Haven album, how is that shaping up?

Unintentional Bean spilling Will Haven associate: "Oh, you know I've heard a few songs. I believe that they have a new singer now, i don't think Grady's going to do it. It's a guy named Jeff Jaworski who was in this band called Red Tape, an old friend of ours and theirs from Sacramento."

Miscellaneous Struggling Music Journo: Is Grady appearing on the album at all?

Unintentional Bean-spilling Will Haven associate: "I thought he was but he's actually going to be a cop, he's in the Academy right now."

Miscellaneous Struggling Music Journo: You better watch yourself.

Unintentional Bean-spilling Will Haven associate: "I know, that's what i thought too."


Loads of folk on there confirming that the tours been cancelled, they've all had notices from the other venues.

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From Lambgoat:

Official press release:

The reunited Will Haven are sad to announce the departure of founding member, vocalist Grady Avenell. Grady will be returning home to focus his energy on his family. Will Haven guitarist Jeff Irwin had the following to say on the matter: "It was a very tough decision for Grady to make but of course, family comes first and we totally respect his decision. He is still a part of the band as far as helping write material for the new record, he just isn't able to tour with us. We want to promote this record as much as we can which means a lot of touring, so we had to make the tough decision of moving forward with a new vocalist."

Moving forward, the band has added longtime friend and California punk/hardcore scene favorite Jeff Jaworski (previously of Roadrunner Records band Red Tape) to the fold.

"We are very excited to have Jeff Jaworski in the band. He is an amazing frontman, with an equally amazing voice and is one of our closest friends. He has added so much to Will Haven in the short time he has been with us," adds Irwin. Jaworski will bring his high-energy attack to the Will Haven sound on their upcoming album, entitled "Heirophant," expected to be released this summer through Bieler Bros. Records. The effort is being produced by Chino Moreno (Deftones) and Shaun Lopez (Far). The tracks — "Helena", "Sheppard's Bush" and "Landing on Ice" among others— are heralded as "groundbreaking" by the band and "by far the best stuff we have ever done."

"Years back I got to fill in for Mike on a two-week tour, and became very intimate with the Will Haven sound," says Jaworski. "Grady is the man, and it's too bad he had to bow out of this, especially when the band is writing some of their best music ever!" He adds of his longtime connection to the Will Haven camp, "Red Tape did our first tour with Will Haven back in 2001. We go even further back as friends though... back to the sock days! Whether as a fan, laying down vox on the WHVN track 'Jaworski', or going out on tours with them... I've always felt like I was a part of this band. I'm pumped to get this great new music out to the fans and usher in a new era of Will Haven. I'm not likening this to Sammy Hagar joining Van Halen... think more like Brian Johnson joining AC/DC!"

The revitalized group is looking forward to the future. "We are taking this as a new era of Will Haven and we are very excited about it," says Irwin. "We are ready to take over the world!"

To that end, Will Haven hit the road with the Deftones in Europe in late March.

Hmm. We'll see - Red Tape were okaaay, but nothing special. Glad I got to see 'em with Grady three times.....

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