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Experimental French Hiphop Multimedia Project


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"No Soucis" is a multimedia Arts project based in Aberdeen. The general aim of our ever expanding group is to showcase the wealth of talent that exists in our small corner of the world. Initially based around the formation of a 12 piece Experimental French Hiphop Collective, the idea has quickly expanded to include a documentary of its progress, the creation of some exciting live shows and finally a high quality recording in a local professional studio. Progress of the documentary will be charted using a range of techniques from web based video streams to live podcasts.

The shows will hope to involve combining mixtures of local DJ's, musicians/emcees and dancers that would not normally work together. These unique and exiting spectacles will be filmed and become part of the finale of our Documentary.

Anyone that would like to know more or to be involved in this exciting project should send a message to us (no_soucis@hotmail.co.uk) with a little about what they wish to contribute. Bare in mind that there is a lot of scope within all of the arts so every skill is welcome - use your imaginations.

We hope that people will take some initiative on this and co-ordinate through our myspace page.


Thank you for your interest!


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Who cares Stripey? The band is fronted by a French emcee, who is very talented, and all the music is written by a small group including him. It is all in French, which in my mind makes it French hiphop.

Ultimately we plan to put on an interesting show by the end of the 6 months. I just wanted to make people aware that this is going to happen and see if there was anyone who wants to get invoved - there are lots of jobs to be done.


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