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bryan ferry does dylan!

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bryan ferry's new album is a collection of dylan covers, radio 2 have been playing his version of the times they are a changing and i have to say its quite nifty - might invest in a copy when it comes out in march.

full tracklisting is this

* 1. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

* 2. Simple Twist Of Fate

* 3. Make You Feel My Love

* 4. The Times They Are A-Chaingin'

* 5. All I Really Want To Do

* 6. Knockin' On Heaven's Door

* 7. Positively 4th Street

* 8. If Not For You

* 9. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down

* 10. Gates Of Eden

* 11. All Along The Watchtower

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I read an interview with him in Uncut and thought "Stick to M&S you twat".

i was in M&S and saw him on an advertisement and thought to meself 'my word the work has dried up ferry'

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Guest DustyDeviada

Didn't he "do Dylan" 30 years ago with "A Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall"?

I love a lot of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music stuff (the album of "standards" he did a few years a go was outstanding), but I've gone off him after I found out he actually supports his knobend son.

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