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Alldayer, Sat 14th April Edinburgh

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Right, early days but thought we'd give you a heads up.

Jhed & Tim bring you(in no particular order):


With Scissors (Brighton)

Whores Whores Whores (Leeds)

D-Rail (Leeds)

Errander (Barnsley)

Chronicles Of Adam West (Hampshire)

Beasts (Leeds)

Friday Night Gunfight (Edinburgh)

Secta Rouge (Edinburgh)

Take a Worm For A Walk Week (Glasgow)

BenCozine (Edinburgh)

Zillah (Edinburgh)

The February Solution (Edinburgh?)

No doubt there will be bands pull out & bands added.

Doors will be probably 3pm and it'll be in the 6 mark.

We'll keep you updated as things progress.

Hope we see a few of you guys down for it.


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Oocha, some very pleasant lineup announcements there.

I don't think it'd be that hard to tempt me down :D, I believe that could work out as Alldayer with BenCozine, With Scissors, Whoresx3 & Take A Worm For A Walk Week in Edinburgh, Will Haven/Pelican/Explosions In The Sky in Glasgow over 4 days. Holy shit! ^_^

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I'll help you decide:

Glasgow vs Dundee-local bands that you'll no doubt see this year at some point.

DentistFest - 6 bands that aren't likely to be this way for quite sometime.

- Edinburgh gig fun. You know there is gonna be so much sillyness happening.

I'm pissed off that they're both on the same days, I'd be through in Glasgow if there wasn't a clash for sure.

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Rusty?? Jak, old Cozine drummer, is hitting the pots & pans.

What's wrong with my cap?

Rusty fits the rhyme, bee-atch. Jaksy it must be, for thee my lord for thee, watch him blow it out his bell-end.

Your cap's beautiful. mwah xx

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