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[GIG] USAISAMONSTER (load records) @ The Tunnels

Dizzy Storm

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maybe you were among the few who caught them in Exodus when we put them on last year....september i think it was ...if not here's your second chance to!

the USAISAMONSTER (Load Records, home of Lightning Bolt, Noxagt, Arab on Radar) is a brilliantly fried two-piece guitar and drums band of sun spotters hailing from Brooklyn, NY. The band has roved the planet with instruments strapped to their backs playing the tops of mountains, skin-melting deserts, and rusted out America. The band has trekked across Europe, America (too many times to count), Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, Japan ...and are on their way back to Europe and the UK in March 2007

review of their most recent album from Load Records site....

Sunset at the End of the Industrial Age


Out September 5, 2006

The fifth release as a two piece from this Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY duo knows as the USA is A Monster . From when your skinny finger hits , this record roars out of the gates with banshee driven fury. Definitely taking cues from chariot drivers such as Rush, Magma, Lightning Bolt, but blasting into their own regions of otherwordly rockulation.

Whereas the last record was a concept driven epic of over 70+ minutes with frequent rural electricity free moments, this record pulls wheelies around Stonehenge in a little over 45 minutes,. The songs are a bit more direct this time out and feature use of Gitmo crowd busters syntho action as well as the patented guitar4 olympiadz the band is famed for on the undie rock railroad.

Of course the USA is a Monster wants to turn the tide and prepare us for the time after the lights go dim on Western Civilizations exhaust pipe party. For this, the words and sounds are of a war stomp. And the battle will rage, with the battle field location known as your mind! Not matter if you download this or buy this in a big box store, look up from your desktop unit and engage this record. It will show you the Shining Path and you know what to do...

---LOAD Records----





supports/price tbc

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supports so far....

with maybe one more addition to follow, this is shaping up to be a very eclectic line up indeed...

firstly...brooding drones ahoy courtesy of WW CAT & NOMA...who will be performing together for the first time at this show :)

Ww cat makes sound with things. sometimes sound is unpleasant. sometimes sound is pleasant. either way, sound should always be sexy. As well as solo feline racket he is to be found hacking bile in TEMPLE OF STATIC CHRIST (with kylie minoise + nackt insecten), noodling in BARBASTELLE (with cheer), spreading occasional geetar abuse with OPAQUE and disrupting childrens parties with JULIUS SEIZURE (with noma + parvo). www.myspace.com/wwcat

noma makes music with anything he can get his paws on.much music is done with household appliances eg hairdryers,razors,fans,industrial drones etc. all things are usually put through the pickups of his guitar.he also likes playing various keyboards,synths and organs.he is happiest playing the piano under water for various creatures that can swim.

Noma plays with himself and sometimes makes nice sounds with Opaque, Sinister Waltz, Black Sun and Ww cat. His vision is poor and now he branches out and plays with other people. He is in another band but their name changes all the time. www.myspace.com/noma1

also, hip hop beats and breaks from CYNICAL LETDOWN...some info provided by himself...

Transformed into a grotesque human-fly hybrid after watching a Vincent Price omnibus, i find that even my dearest loved-ones are repulsed by my my presence. Now, forced into a life of cynical solitude, I can do nothing but make depressing hip-hop as I feel the last shreds of my humanity slowly ebb away. cYNICAL lETDOWN is based in aberdeen, scotland and is currently working on a long-player. www.myspace.com/cynicalletdown

Robin (cynical letdown) will also be accompanied by visuals...info on this to follow too!

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