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Pub quiz on a thursday??


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Holburn Bar does one as well and which is a bit more serious than the snafu one.

It (the snafu one) is presented by a hungover bloke who spends more time cracking jokes with the audience than telling questions. We used to go every week but there's a lot of questions re-used from past weeks and the quality of the questions tended to vary depending on how much of a rush the host was in or how hungover he was.

But it was usually worth it for the DHC afterwards.

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Did he make it as far as Panda Eyes last time? I don't really remember.

On a related note, Ross, up for more Pittodrie -> Ma's -> Moorings action this Saturday?

Alas i cannot make the Football this weekend as i am on taxi duties :( Ferrying parents from Airport. I shall however be up for football related drunkeness in a fortnight

- Sunday 25th Feb

- ICT v. Ceptic, Sky Sports 12.30pm kickoff.

- Chelsea v. Arsenal, Sky Sports 3pm kickoff.

As regards to the Panda Eyes gig, I was in the Moorings in body but not in mind that night X) I'm still surprised i made it home in one piece!! The hangover was absolutely horrific the next day X-(

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