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Marshal (half stack) MG100 HDFX and MG412A for sale

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So as the title states I am selling my Marshal half stack. In an attempt to avoid the full blown sales pitch that we all hate I'll try and lay down the facts as concisely as possible;

-purchased in December 2005 from Merchant City Music at the price then of 399.99 exlcuding the 20 p&p

-Used around 4/5 times for gigs only (wasn't used outside of those gigs as a practice amp etc)

-comes with the footswitch of course

I'm no amp wizard so I'll paste a minature review that's been nabbed from the kind chaps at Merchant City Music;

"The Marshall MG100DFX, is a one-hundred watt, electric guitar amplifier head, with digital effects. Combined with the MG412A, this makes a great value half-stack package.

Boasting the same impressive features and staggering versatility of the MG100DFX combo.

Designed specifically for Marshalls MG Series, this cabinet is a perfect match for the MG100HDFX, or any head or amp with a speaker extension jack. The MG412A is built to last and value-priced, giving you more for your money. Combined with the angled-front cabinet, it makes a complete full-sized stack"

Marshall MG100HDFX and MG412A, Electric Amplifiers

above is a link to the page where the half stack can be purchased from Merchant City Music for 363 (excluding 20 p&p). And to my understanding it's the exact same price from guitarampandkeyboard.

So I'm willing to try and sell it for 270 o.n.o.

Have to sell it 'cause I need money to save up for a new computer as this one is too shoddy now to even function at a snail's pace and my sad existance depends on it.

This thread is ginormous so before it turns into a 100, 000 word PHD thesis feel free to leave a PM or comment if you have an questions.

Cheers, Chris

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