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films i want to see this year

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I'm looking forward to:

Resident Evil: Extinction



Inland Empire

28 Weeks Later

Castlevania (if it gets released)

Hot Fuzz

Day Of The Dead

Dragonlance: Dragons Of Autumn Twilight

His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass

the new Hellboy film(s)

Sin City 2

Spiderman 3

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Indiana Jones & Transformers

I assume by that you don't mean one archeological transforming robotic adventure, but rather two seperate films. The new Indy film wouldn't be ready for nexy year at the very earliest i think.

I'm looking forward to Control, the new film about Ian Curtis/Joy Division, based on Deborah Curtis' book Touching From a Distance.

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As much as I want to see Dark Materials, I have a feeling they're gonna have completely ballsed it up and made it shit. Just re-read the trilogy last week and it's totally playing on my mind.

I wanna see Spidey 3, Sin City 2, 300, Harry Potter, Hot Fuzz, Transformers, Good Shepherd and Black Snake Moan. Plus the new Tarantino/Rodriguez effort.

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