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Kevin Saunderson (Inner City) Elevator World Tour - live FRI 2nd Feb

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The Elevator tour features both House and Techno DJ sets (2 hours approx) and the live element (80 minutes) incorporating all Kevin's most popular productions from 1985-2006. This will include tracks from E-Dancer, Esser'ay, K S Experience, Kaos, Keynotes, Reese, Reese + Santonio, , Tronikhouse, E-dancer, Kreem, Inner City and The Reese Project.

The live show will consist of stunning visuals featuring documentary footage blended with state of the art graphics mixed live using Pioneer DVJ technology, and crystal clear audio using Ableton live, final scratch + keyboards , taking the audience on a breathtaking journey through the roots and soul of Kevin Saunderson from house to techno and back again. These live shows will give Kevin the opportunity to entertain and inform his audience on his unique history. This incredible body of work, which for the first time will be under one umbrella, will clearly define and clarify the artistry of the man they called THE ELEVATOR. True to his dream, Kevin Saunderson elevated the deep sound of Detroit Techno and took it from the underground into the hearts and souls of music lovers the world over with his Inner City and The Reese Project recordings. These live events will surely be remembered for years to come as a celebration of the one Techno's greatest ambassadors.

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