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Dan Arborise + Chris Carroll


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interesting music are delighted to announce:-

Dan Arborise + Chris Carroll

Thursday 8th February/Doors 8pm/Entry 5

The Tunnels, Carneigies Brae, Aberdeen.

Dan is an amazing guitarist and singer, his unique and haunting vocals a perfect match for his sensitive songs and incredibly complex guitar technique. Influenced by the music of Nick Drake and John Martyn and inspired by the sweet melodies and simple harmonies of Teenage Fanclub, Jeff Buckley and most recently the Fence Collective, this album is a collection of fragile acoustic songs beautiful music, beautifully performed.

John Martyn meets Nick Drake for the 21st Century In The Mix

This is music to hush the soul and slow the heartbeat NDJ

*Dan is the guest for John Martyn's event @ Celtic Connections event in Glasgow on 29th Jan 07.



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Some album & live reviews


'John Martyn meets Nick Drake for the 21st century.' THE FLY

'Acoustic guitar hymns to truth and beauty....beguiling.' UNCUT

'But what else marks Devonshire lad Dan Arborise out from a hundred other Nick Drake disciples? Is it his immaculate guitar, setting up shop somewhere between the fearsome playing of folk titan Nic Jones and the freeflowing style of Madagascan picker D'Gary? Is it the perceptive songs, all delivered in a voice that shares Drake's lower register but is noticeably less guarded? Or is it Around In Circles' luminescent production, courtesy of Eno-endorsed Jon Hopkins, that piles slices of guitar high and lets them sparkle and glow like a starry, moon-filled night? Whatever it is, this is a debut album that instantly allows Dan Arborise to pull up a chair alongside the likes of Jose Gonzalez and James Yorkston.' THE WORD

' A masterpiece...A gloriously fine album for the romantic optimists amongst us' BACKLASH

' Hypnotic 21st-century take on John Martyn....The spell that's cast lingers on throughout an impressive debut' GUITARIST

'Delightful,cobbled street acoustics and shoreline melancholy....cast against a canvas of ambient atmospherics....a name for the masses to look for in 2007 for sure' MUSIC WEEK

' Around In Circles weaves a similar enchantment to Five Leaves Left' METRO

' Looking as though he has just stepped out from an early nineties warehouse rave, Mr Arborise is clearly a man of disguise. But never judge a book by its cover, because this novel is well worth a read and has been researched to its fullest, looking at the book of olde, his finger picking styles and lush vocal harmonies make this a modern folk classic...This will make both artist and producer stand out from the rest of the folk ditties knocking around these days' HOODLUM TRIBE

'Ponderous beauty and rich, intimate folky textures..' TUNETRIBE.COM

'Gorgeous, acoustic music.....breathtaking.' ROCK SOUND

' Expert in creating whole new levels of "sombre"' ACOUSTIC

' Arborise has combined intricate guitar playing with songs memorable enough to sing around a campfire' RECORD COLLECTOR

' Around In Circles is awash with sublime melodies delivered by not-as-simple-as-you-think acoustic guitar playing' GUITAR

'Simplicity, delicacy and strong melodies' NEW-NOISE.NET

'Mood and atmosphere are built up over the course of the CD. Around in Circles is perfect Sunday morning music.' SHINDIG!

' Gorgeous, picturesque songs' SWELL MUSIC


'Through a quartet of fragile and haunting songs he captured and captivated an audience who had come to hear him. A seriously talented musician. Definitely one to watch out for.' MAVERICK

' This is music to hush the soul and slow the heartbeat' NORTH DEVON JOURNAL

' One of the Finest new artists i have ever heard ' THE POKEY HOLE

'Arborise wills himself into reverie blending the cadences of voice and silvery guitar.' METRO

'He's dead good.' THE FOREST

'This is beautiful music, beautifully performed.' ASHCROFT ARTS CENTRE

' There's talent here.' THE HERALD

'Dan's silvery melodies elevated the crowd to an entirely different level. He didn't get far before being called for an encore and we were treated to one more mellifluous track before the waft of crowd dissipated contentedly into the cold night air.' PEMBROKESHIRE TV

'Arborise has found a unique voice. Slipping into extended instrumental work-outs, his solos evoke the pastoral sublime or flamenco fire. Conjuring visions of gentle love and natures beauty is a hard call on a Glasgow Tuesday, but his personal vision is received with respect tonight. Both technical virtuosity and lyrical sensitivity set him apart from the majority of folk performers. Dan Arborise is a remarkable treat.' THE SKINNY

' Recommended' TIME OUT



' Arborise...lives in a barn and grows his own vegetables' SUNDAY TIMES CULTURE

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