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Calling all music lovers

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Im a singer/song writer who has some songs and ideas buzzing arround in my head and Id like to get together with some muscians and bring these ideas to life.

Im looking for 2 Guitarists, 1 bassist, 1 drummer (capable of performing blast beats), 2 percussionists(people who can perform tribal, or traditional south american beat most welcome) and a secondary vocalist.

If you feel you can contribute to this prodject then please say. Im hoping to finally land up with something that sounds like soulfly(or sepultura's Rattamahatta) meets cannibal corpse, Kataklysm ect.

This is only temporary, it about jamming together nailing the material and then recording it. Even if your in another band feel free to apply theirs no pressure for life long commitment just get together and make some good music.

Although if things go well and everyone is still interested afterward then it may become a permanent thing.

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