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[GIG] Crashdown + Peepshow + Onion Terror + Hugh Bruise & Tijuana Switchblades @ The Moorings Bar

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Feb 24 - The Moorings - Fudgenight, 8pm, 3

Crashdown + Peepshow + Onion Terror + Hugh Bruise & The Tijuana Switchblades


Crashdown have played over 100 shows in the UK and Europe, engaging audiences with their own brand of fast punk blending blistering speed with passionate breakdowns, funk and ska. We have shared the stage with the likes of Caffeine, My Awesome Compilation, 4ft Fingers, Krasty, Whitmore and Five Knuckle. Crashdown are looking forward to an exciting year - check out or merch page at www.cafepress.com/crashdown666


Now emerging from the rubble in a small town called Livingston, PEEP SHOW are the only band of their kind. Rebelling against 'middle of the road' radio garbage, PEEP SHOW stand solid as a positive force in the storm of negativity. With their over the top rock n roll antics and image, the cock of rock is back in full swing slapping every Coldplay fan and pop princess right in the chops! A band who deliver flamboyance, glitz and danger to a scene that otherwise leaves them falling asleep. Come see the full throttle, locked and loaded monster that is PEEP SHOW!

"They all dress like the Manic's 'Generation Terrorist' era and they sound **cking fantastic. Stepping into the loud room with them on the stage is like taking a skelp round the face. Glam-punk dress codes, gruesome lyrics, wailing guitar solos, roaring bass, thundering drums, and all this very loud. This band are tons of fun!" - edinburgh-music.com

"If Peep Show had been around in the mid 80s they definitely would have signed a major deal and with things coming around again they probably still will" -

Paul Mars Black (The Mau Maus, The Joneses, L.A.Guns, Black Cherry & Sonic Boom).


Most bios are generous exaggerations written by a best friend of the band making them out to be the greatest thing since tits on television. The fact is that most no band are greater than tits on the TV and Onion Terror are no different. We write songs, play gigs and we love it all.


A side-project and alter-ego of RADIO LUCIFER frontman Jonny Lucifer, Hugh*Bruise is guitar driven alt-country country rock with leftist leanings, deep soul burn and killer instincts. Hugh*Bruise loves Jason Ringenberg, Johnny Cash, Husker Du, The Wildhearts and Alabama 3. He hates biogs. He occasionally wears make up. Hugh*Bruise will release an album titled EXPOSITION, DEVELOPMENT, RECAPITULATION in 2006. And tonight hell be playing with his punk-soul backing band, The Tijuana Switchblades. Cue hamster-cheeks.

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