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NewYork's:Qool Dj Marv@theTunnels Fri 16 Feb

Martin Jay

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Every bit as hip as his name suggests, Qool DJ Marv's CV reads like a

day in the life of a DJ to the stars. The New York DJ is one of the

most in demand spinners of his generation. He's been adopted by the

rich and famous to play at practically every opening party that is

worth it's celebrity salt, from Prince's Tramps jam sessions to the

launch parties of HBO shows like Sex in the City, The Sopranos, Oz,

Six Feet Under and Entourage. As well as warming up for artists like

Erykah Badu, George Clinton & P-Funk, Chic, Kool & the Gang, The

Roots, Busta Rhymes, De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest.

Marv also found the time to become a bit of a hero in Manchester and

is the favourite visiting DJ at the city's legendary Friends&Family

parties thrown by Fat City Records. Manchester record label Grand

Central also asked Marv to make a mix tape showcasing the labels back

catalogue for their 10 year anniversary. More of his mixes can be

found on his own Buttamilk web site and the Giant Step web site.

He is one of the greatest party DJs there is and will be in Scotland for

3 dates in February as part of a mini tour and we are very pleased to

have him behind the decks at the Tunnels for a night of party rocking

via: Rhythm & Blues, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Latin, House, Jazz, Funk, Rock

and Soul classics, and Eclectic beats from around the world.you dig!!

Check out:

buttamilk / GIANT STEP

For more info & mixes.

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