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Squier By Fender Strat For Sale


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Squier By Fender Strat For Sale 90

Squier By Fender Stratocaster for sale, sunburst, maple fingerboard, three single coil pickups, excellent condition. 90





Look at it, as new... Ive got ibanez s470 (my avatar) so I don't even use it all... How i said, im not using it, thats the one reason of selling it also i need multy effect pedal, probably something like Boss GT8 Or Zoom 9.2tt and i dont have enough money for it.

Aberdeen, Thanx.

If interested post a reply here or PM.

MSN: Niurzgius@gmail.com

Skype: S4anch3z

For more pictures, just ask.

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for that price i would take the strings off :) i havent seen the link sorry, hm.. in most of the shops its about 110-120 pounds for the strat Squier Affinity Strat, Maple, Electric Guitar, Squier Merchant City Music - The Guitar Specialists ... anyway i wouldnt sell it for 40 pounds because there is no point of doing that at all :)

The RnB would give me 80 quid credit for it, the merchant city guitar.co.uk probably the same, waiting for their answer. So... the best idea would be to go to the glasgow and get what i need there :-)

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Actualy the price is 105 pounds, Squier - Affinity Stratocaster, Metallic Blue MN,Squier Affinity Stratocaster, Metallic Blue MN

affinity series strat with maple fingerboard not rosewood sunburst 105 quid.

So! Thats the normal price.

Also that one with rosewood fingerboard is a limited deal, so the price is probably the same as with maple fingerboard.

Youre mean. :-)

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you ca n go to toys are us and get the exact strat u have for 80 bucks new with an amp

Exactly. To be honest I would just keep the strat for tinkering about with/bashing etc as you'll never in a million years get it for 75. Its a basic guitar, 40 would all youd realisitically get for it.

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60 pounds then. Anyway i see no point leaving comments about the price if u don't like it, its my problem that nobody buys it.

You can tell that by writing PM, but not taking whole page to discuss about it.

New strat with maple fingerboard costs 105, and i don't think thats a bad price. I don't care that u can get a strat with rosewood fingerboard only for 85 pounds...

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