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The Best of.....The Wicker Man


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Haven't seen it, but may need to now - looks so bad it's brilliant......


You've got to be fucking kidding me...o_O

I've watched just 12 seconds of the trailer and already I want to kick fuck out of everyone involved in the making of this abomination.

Picture the scene: -

Nic Cage asks a skinny wee slip of a girl in a print dress to "step away from the bike". She doesn't comply, so he whips out a gun that's bigger than he is, points it at her face and roars "STEP AWAY FROM THE BIKE".

That tells you all you need to know about this move and the USA in general.

Fucks sake - just watched the rest and it's offical - forget "Plan 9 From Outer Space" and "Cabin Fever"....

...THIS is the worst movie ever made :swearing:

"No, not the bees, not the bees, arrrrgh my eyes etc"

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I haven't watched it.

I'm guessing it's, "the best of the insult that is the remake of The Wicker Man".

No thanks. I'd rather stick with my director's cut of the original and deny that the remake exists.

Agreed - I'm with Ms Burnham on this one.

I understand what the others are saying - i.e. "so bad it's good". But on the strength of that trailer alone, I think - and taking into consideration what a masterpiece the original is - that shite remake is beyond being untentionally funny and has plumbed new depths of crassness and incompetency.

Yanks - leave our classics alone (Wicker Man, Get Carter, The Office etc) - just stick to blockbusters and the occasional film noir.

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I watched the whole thing (I'm a masochist).

It's bad.

VERY bad. Unintentionally funny in places though.

The offscreen cry of "Oh God my leg!" had me in stitches.


It was the kung-fu kick he did (on the wee cutie with the odd name from "Deep Impact") in the trailer that slayed me.

The original was a paragon of restraint - no violence to speak of and certainly no Magnum 357's - which only heightened the horror of the climax.

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Also, the part where he walks in to a room to find a naked woman covered in bees.

I assume it's meant to be shocking/freaky.

It's not.

Presumably the director never watched any Eddie Izzard videos.

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The Wicker Man (2006 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Divergences from the original

...in addition, Cage's character is not a virgin like the protagonist from the original film, as it was thought that the idea of an adult virgin in modern American society was too far-fetched. Instead, Cage's character has an allergy to bees, and has to deal with attacks by them.

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Well i quite enjoyed the remake, so did my gf who is a huge fan of the original, it was missing Christopher Lee, but as remakes go it was a very good reinvention rather than a remake, kind f a remake as much as Battlestar Galactica is. Let's be honest the original is a great film but isnt what the director intended it to be as most of the original footage got buried in a motorway, so it's just as slightly silly as the first one was, and a good way to spend a few hours.



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Guest DustyDeviada

"Most" of the footage didn't get buried, some of it did, but not enough to spoil the original IMO, worth getting the DVD and listening to the commentary where all of this is discussed.

I wouldn't mind seeing the new one just to see how awful it is, but I'm certainly not in any rush, I guess I'll catch it on Channel 5, probably in a matter of months. That said, part of me says that life is too short and there are lots of brilliant films out there that I haven't seen yet and should watch first.

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Guest bluesxman

I got this out the other night, although I can't ever see myself watching it again, it wasn't quite as horrible as expected. I actually spent most of it trying to recall what other film the girl playing Willow was in and ended up looking it up as soon as the film ended. She was Chopper's prostitute girlfriend Tanya if anyone's interested.

Also due to a previous post reminding me of an Eddie Izzard bit, 'i'm covered in bees' in his voice kept coming to mind.

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i wonder if the joke here is really on the people who went to see this/bought the dvd with the intention of seeing a film which is so terrible that it's actually really funny

maybe they actually intended to make a really shit remake in order to make a bit of cash off it

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