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''Glastonbury chief Michael Eavis has unveiled a groundbreaking new ticketing system for this year's festival in an attempt to stamp out touting.

With demand for the first festival since 2005 expected to be higher than ever, organisers are introducing a tout-proof registration system. Anyone wanting to buy a ticket will need to register between 1 and 28 February by sending off an official registration form with a photograph, a self-addressed envelope and an unattached stamp. Forms will only be available from high-street camping shop Millets, or you can fill in the form online at a special mini-site on the official Glastonbury website (Welcome to Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts) or Q4music.com.

Each person will receive a registration number, which must be quoted when tickets go on sale on 1 April. Although only one person can register per form, people can buy tickets for themselves and one other adult, as long as they both have registration numbers. Family members can buy up to two tickets for adults and two for children aged between 13 and 16. Each ticket will feature the photograph of the person in whose name it is registered and is non-exchangeable.

"It's a fairer system," Eavis tells Q. "It means people won't be able to sell their tickets for 700." Organisers have taken major steps to combat touting in recent years. A successful photo ID system was introduced in 2005, while Somerset police have made it illegal to sell tickets outside the festival site. "We're winning the war," says Eavis. "The people who buy tickets on 1 April will actually be those coming to the festival."


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