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Guitars/Amp/Compressor for sale

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1st off, sorry for the shitty pic quality :(

Yamaha Pacifica, not sure which model, roughly 3-4 years old in great condition - 50


Epiphone Special II, bought mid 2005 in good condition also, the only problem with this guitar is that the pickup toggle switch generates some noise when you switch it - 50


Fender Roc Pro 700 Amp (70w), bought early to mid nineties, clean and overdrive channels, built in reverb. My only beef with it is that the volume control jumps from nae loud to LOUD in no time at all. Its been gigged about but is in damn good condition, footswitch also provided - 60


Samson S-Com stereo compressor, not the most versatile compressor by a long shot but does the job - 40


any questions, just ask.. again sorry for the crappy pics.


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