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flyering in Aberdeen

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ive been asked to find out where is best to flyer in Aberdeen for an event coming up

quite a big band playing a gig this spring

records shops



coffee shops

unions etc

all help appreciated and i will help you out with any questions you have about Glasgow


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The benefits of flyering are debatable, to say the least, but anyway.

Outside of One-up on Belmont Street.

Outside of Exodus in the last hour/after the club shuts.

Outside of any music venue after a gig in a similar genre. (Moshulu/Tunnels/Drummonds/Lemon Tree)

I wouldn't bother with anywhere else personally - those places are likely to give you the most return for your effort.

Edit : Outside Moshulu when it shuts too, particularly on a Friday night.

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Guest Bob

There's not one place that's best to flyer. What you need to do is talk to people you know would be interested in the event. Ask them where they hang out, then go. Hand out flyers and talk to the people you meet there. Guage how interested they are in the event. If they seem really keen or the right audience ask them the other places they hang out. Then repeat. The places that are spoken about most often will be the best places to flyer in future for similar events, but never stop asking/talking and never stop looking for new places.

This is the best way to flyer.

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