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Got any interesting work for me ?

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I will teach you how to play drums in an Aberdeen studio or wherever your kit is set up.

I also do drum teching which involves setting up, tuning up and giving advice on all things about drums and cymbals, hardware, percussion etc.

I am available to do studio work and go on tour as a dum tech/ drummer and may even do all the driving if you can pay me a decent daily rate.

I also do crew work, DJ, take door money and sell merch and do a one man sit doon comedy act with electric drums.

Private message me if you are interested, cheers Biz.

Here's the usual answers...

No I do NOT have a van.

Yes I want a decent hourly wage.

I do half hour or hour tuition and will teach 2 people at once if ye fancy it, cheers Biz

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