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Sam 45

End of Year Review

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Well this was our first year in the gigging scene and our calendar went as follows:

March 23rd - Supporting Bromheads Jacket w/ Right Hand Left

June 10th - Supporting The Heights

June 28th - w/Julias Shadow and Flaming Katy

September 8th - Supporting the Grim Northern Social w/ Phonefreak

November 4th - w/ Stanley

November 10th - Supporting Straightened Things out w/ Sicktrick and Fusion Theory (Perth)

December 27th - w/ Talkbook and Kenetic

December 30th - Supporting APB w/ Spare Snare

Not a bad first year, defiantely a huge improvement as the year went on - shown with the new recordings that came out in October. We've knocked out all but 1 song that we played at our first gigs with new stuff, which is alright considering hal of the year we all live spread across Scotland.

Live performance has grown a lot from being absolutely gash at our first gig in March to getting a better response than Spare Snare last night (voted the 46th best Scottish band of all time)....even Maxi said good stuff about that gig!

Hopefully next year will bring more new songs and hopefully a lot more gigs more in the central belt.

If you ever came and saw us/ helped us out in anyway/ downloaded our music/ or whatever - thank you very much.

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