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Contra - Disenfranchised - New album now available!

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Hey, just to officially announce on behalf of Contra that the new album is now available.

Things are going pretty well at the moment, supporting Skindred and Dub Trio being the highlight.

You can check out some of the songs on the album as per usual at:


Hope you all like the album,

Some reviews/feedback wouldn't do any harm :p




1. The Idiot Bastard Son

2. Disenfranchise Me

3. Hold Me Tight

4. We Won't Live Long

5. Suits At The Slaughter

6. Heavy Brain Damage

7. The Devil

8. End of the Day

9. The Return Of The Idiot Bastard Son


+ all money recieved is going towards the next album which we hope to record in easter

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