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Guest Giles Walker

Soulfunkinhot @ The Tunnels 15th december

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Guest Giles Walker

I was at this gig and heard quite a bit of their set. I went up at the end and got the setlist from the stage and here it is.

Set 1

Jungle boogie

Hard to handle


Gimme some lovin

Take me to the river

Son of a preacher man

Get ready


Hit the road jack

Car wash

Long train runnin'

Treat her right

Set 2

Hold on i'm coming

25 miles

Sweet soul music


Go gone

Soul man


I feel good


Nutbush city limits

Play that funky music

Land of 1000 dances


Mustang sally

I thought the musicianship was top class and i love soul and funk music. Infact here are my favourite current soul and funk bands.

Sharon Jones and the dapkings, Breakestra and Glasgows own Five Aces

My problem lies in the choice of songs here, i feel they are rather obvious choices maybe better suited for a wedding than a nightclub on a friday night. I don't see why Aberdeen bands should feel they need to dumb themselves down to this level.

Any thoughts?

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Thanks for the comments guys.

I think Dave's got it right......there needs to be a blend of classics plus a careful selection of high quality, lesser know tracks that will still get the punters on the dancefloor in numbers.

SFH is still in it's infancy, and over the coming months I'm sure you'll see significant changes to the set list. That said, I doubt we will ever completely get away from the mainstream, classic soul/funk tracks....in fact, I dont think we should because the punters love 'em.

However, if there are lesser known tracks that push our buttons and will get people up dancing with the same gusto as the classics, then we'll certainly be up for giving them a go.

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I don't see why Aberdeen bands should feel they need to dumb themselves down to this level.

Any thoughts?

I don't think geographical location has anything to do with the choice of set list, I think any new soul band would play a similar set list regardless of where they live.

As a DJ yourself you should know that the people who pay the money judge you on how many people are in, how many are dancing and how merrily the tills are ringing, not on the artistic integrity of your set.

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Cheers for the comments!

It is a hard call when deciding what you choose to play. We had a limited time to get a new set together that would distinguish ourselves from Souled Asylum so had to make some judgments on what we wanted to achieve in the short term. I think what we have done is pull off some standard soul numbers with a lot of our own style and personality. When establishing yourself as a quality band, you need to hook in as many people as possible with songs that they know, possibly sing along to, and definitely dance to.

When you have 11 members, there are a great number of song suggestions and limited practice time all together to make them work so have had to be quite selective and to some extent choose fairly safe options. Sometimes they work immediately like Hit the Road Jack and others need a little more thought put in.

The next stage is to take on more challenging tunes, we may stick with ones that people know but we will start to stretch ourselves more and more. Once we have a good repertoire of songs and a good fan base, we can start introducing songs to people as you might do in a DJ set. It takes a long time to get that sort of turnover and maintain a high quality but we'll get there.

Feel free to suggest songs that youd like to hear us do and well add them to our list of songs to try out.


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