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Pocket PC for sale -110

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Imate Jam / t-mobile mda for sale.

Impressive spec incuding...

416mhz Intel Processor

64mb RAM

Microsoft Pocket PC 2003se

Microsoft Pocket Office

1.5 m.pix camera

2.8 inch widescreen. (great for films or south park on a train! :up: )

SD memory card slot. (upto 4gig)

Can be used on WIFI using an SD WIFI card. this will be included for no extra cost.. if i can dig it out, if not they cost between £12-£25 for cheap ones, but they work just dandy!

I bought it ages ago to use as a handheld media player, but it can also be used as a mobile phone. even though it is branded as T-mobile it is unlocked to take any sim.

The plastic bitties which hold the battery cover on have broken off, but im sure you could find a good way to keep it on. i found one of my girlfriends hairthingies worked well, but its just cosmetic.

all i ask for this is £110. what a bargain! cant even be beaten by ebay...

Im in edinburgh these days, but im more than happy to take it up to aberdeen this weekend if someone is wanting to purchase it.

I could even go in past my parents house and dig out the box provided they havent chucked it by now. :up:

I can e-mail pics to anyone interested.


Bob :gringo:

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