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Testing the water ...

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Thought I'd poke my head up and see if I could find any like-minded muscians -- I've tried responding to various ads but it usually doesn't end up being my kind of music. Thought I'd try my luck at looking ...

Firstly, what this wouldn't be.

  • A path to glory
  • Anything remotely serious at this stage
  • An avenue for serious muscians who crave legions of fans

I'm just looking for some gents who're interested in getting together to play what'd probably mostly be cover stuff. Probably.

Secondly, the kind of music I'm more interested in is quite varied; R.E.M. are a huge favourite of mine; Lighthouse Family; Frank Sinatra; and mostly soft rock. Drop me an email at Kaenei(at)gmail.com or you'll find my MSN name on profile.

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